Honour Roll: KIE Conference Recognition Award for Best Papers

The aim of the KIE Conference best paper recognition award is to recognise excellence of papers published in the KIE Book Series. The award is open to author and co-authors of all papers published in the KIE Books – in the category of knowledge, creativity, innovation and enterprise. Best papers in each category of field are selected by members of the conference International Advisory board based on the shortlist drawn up by book editors. On behalf of the 2016 KIE Conference International Advisory & Review Board, it gives me a great pleasure to announce the winners of the KIE Conference Recognition Awards for ‘best papers’ published in the 2016 KIE Conference Books Series. The winners are:

Category: Knowledge

  • Seth Agbo: ‘Paradox of Internet and Tradition: Dialogical Integration of Technology and Indigenous Knowledge’

Category: Creativity

  • Jonan Donaldson: ‘Alignment of Creativity Tools and Techniques with Theory and Research’
  • Hansika Kapoor, Anirudh Tagat & David H. Cropley: ‘Fifty Shades of Creativity: Case Studies of Malevolent Creativity in Art, Science, and Technology’
  • Peter Lennox, Chris Wilson & Michael Brown: ‘Creative Inhibition: How and Why’

Category: Innovation (Big Data Analytics)

  • Deryn Graham: ‘Big Data Science Education and the PIPAE Methodology for Big Data Analytics’

Category: Enterprise

  • Muhammad Shariat Ullah & Minhajul Islam Ukil: ‘Entrepreneurial Intention and Efficacy of Business Graduates in Bangladesh: Do Demographic Factors Matter?’

We extend our congratulations to all the winners and we say a big well done to all the nominated authors and co-authors.

James Ogunleye, PhD, FRSA, Chairman, 2016 KIE Conference

*The awards relate to papers published in two KIE Conference Publications—‘Creativity in Arts, Science and Technology’ and ‘Research Papers on Knowledge, Innovation and Enterprise’ Volume IV.

KIE16 Co/Authors of Best Paper Awards  



Seth Agbo (Canada)  Jonan Donaldson (USA)  David H. Cropley (Australia)
Chris Wilson (UK) Peter Lennox (UK) Michael Brown (UK)
Hansika Kapoor (India) Anirudh Tagat (India) Deryn Graham (UK)
Muhammad Shariat Ullah (Bangladesh) Minhajul Islam Ukil (Bangladesh)


KIE15 Co/Authors of Best Paper Awards   

  Gillian Hilton (UK) Helen J. Tyler (UK)  Rick Kantor (USA)
 Angelica M. Baylon  (Philippines)  Erik E. Guzik (USA)  Eduardo Ma R Santos (Philippines)
Kathy Goff (USA) Michael Brown(UK)  Chris Wilson (UK)
Martin M. Ujakpa (Ghana) Rajesh Arora (India) Mame A. Dwemoh (Ghana)
Samuel K. Fianko (Ghana) Isaac K. Nooni (Ghana)


KIE14 Co/Authors of Best Paper Awards   

Jaroslaw Oczki (Poland) Tatiana Gavrilova (Rusia) Artem Alsufyev (Rusia)
André P. Walton (USA) Don Ambrose (USA) Chris Wilson (UK)
Micheal Brown (UK) Garvin Suss (Israel)  Deryn Graham (UK)


KIE13 Co/Authors of Best Paper Awards   

 Chris Wilson (UK) Micheal Brown (UK)  Margaret Murphy (USA)
 Christian Chileshe (Zambia)  Emma O Brien (Ireland)  Ileana Hamburg (Germany)
Ravn Elkjær (Denmark)  Irina Neaga (UK)  Yuqiuge Hao (Finland)



 Ebru Caymaz   (Turkey)  Metin Karademir  (Turkey) Ugur Yozgat (Turkey)
 Cassandra Coste (USA)  Tara Grey Coste (USA) Jamie Leitch  (USA)

Larry Keiser (USA)