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‘A global conference that crosses disciplines like no other’

There has been a number of annual international conferences on innovation, entrepreneurship (not enterprise) and knowledge transfer in recent years, but none has really attempted to provide a common, fertile global platform for practitioners and subject experts in the fields to cross-fertilise ideas and provide insights into emerging issues and challenges. The International  Conference on Knowledge, Innovation and Enterprise (KIE Conference) fills this gap. Add this to the KIE conference innovation – the in-fill Big Data Summit, the result is a truly global cross disciplines conference.

As I look forward to meeting up with you in Prague, Czech on 18th July 2018, I hope your contribution at the conference will help our global economies to strengthen the links in the knowledge, creativity, innovation and enterprise chain.

James Ogunleye, PhD, FRSA
Middlesex University, UK, 
Chairman 2018 KIE Conference


KIE International Advisory and Review Board


Knowledge-Education Expert Panel

Prof David Turner, University of South Wales, UK

Dr Mehmet Dikerdem, Middlesex University, UK

Dr Pascal Lafont, Université de Paris-Est Créteil, France

Dr Gordon Ade-Ojo, University of Greenwich, UK

Prof Adeline du Toit, University of Johannesburg, South Africa

Prof Jill Jameson, University of Greenwich, UK

Prof Patrick Ainley, University of Greenwich, UK

Prof Rajesh Arora, Tanishqa Quintessence Management Services, Mumbai, India

Prof Angelica Baylon, Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific–Kamaya Point, Philippines


Creativity Expert Panel

Prof Fredricka Reisman, Drexel University, USA

Prof James Kaufman, University of Connecticut, USA

Larry Keiser, Drexel University, USA

Prof Gerard Puccio, Buffalo State University of New York, USA


Innovation & Big Data Analytics Expert Panel

Dr Appolo Tankeh, IBM, USA

Prof Ezendu Ariwa, University of Bedford, UK

Dr Dominique Hager, DHTechnologies & Data Analytica, USA

Prof Suzi Jarvis, University College Dublin, Ireland

Dr Alain Biem, Opera Solutions Inc, USA

Raj Datar, IBM, USA


Enterprise Expert Panel

Prof Sylvia van de Bunt Kokhuis, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands,

Dr Luka Powanga, Regis University, USA

Dr Ulf Henning Richter, Nottingham University Business School, China

Dr Ignatius Ekanem, Middlesex University, UK

Dr Guillermo Pérez-Bustamante, University of Oviedo, Spain

Prof Magnus Klofsten, Linkopings Universitet, Sweden

Prof Galina Shirokova, St. Petersburg University, Russia

Dr Adel Qatawneh, Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan




The International Conference on Knowledge, Innovation and Enterprise (KIE Conference) is organised by the International Journal of Knowledge, Innovation and Entrepreneurship ( and the Academy of Innovation and Management ( The KIE Conference is an affiliate Society of the World Education Fellowship International. WEFI was founded in 1921 and enjoys the status of a UN non-governmental organisation. The World Education Fellowship is a Registered Educational Charity Reg. No. 314112.

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